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    Hilton Hotels

Project Overview

Centrum Contracts undertook an ambitious Air Conditioning Installation Project at Hilton Hotels’ historic Puckrup Hall, a stunning Grade II listed building. The primary challenge was to discreetly install pipework throughout the building while preserving its architectural integrity. The project also involved supplying and installing Air Conditioning unit covers that seamlessly blended with the venue’s existing decor. The team was tasked with completing the entire project within a tight timeframe of just three weeks.


Preserving the Architectural Heritage

Given the Grade II listed status of Puckrup Hall, Centrum Contracts faced the significant challenge of incorporating modern Air Conditioning systems while preserving the building’s historical charm. The majority of the pipework had to be concealed internally to maintain the building’s aesthetics. With careful planning and precision, the team discreetly ran pipework along the floors and up the corners of rooms, ensuring minimal visual impact on the building’s interiors. The pipework was then ingeniously integrated into the loft space, further concealing it from view.


Seamless Integration with Existing Theme

Maintaining the venue’s unique charm and character was a top priority. Centrum Contracts ensured that all pipework was boxed in and decorated in pristine white, harmonizing effortlessly with the current theme. Every element was meticulously designed to complement the building’s architecture and blend seamlessly with its existing decor. This attention to detail resulted in an elegant and cohesive finish that perfectly complemented Puckrup Hall’s historic ambiance.


Custom Air Conditioning Unit Covers

To ensure the Air Conditioning units fit harmoniously with the venue’s ambiance, Centrum Contracts supplied and installed custom Air Conditioning unit covers. The team paid meticulous attention to scribing the covers neatly into the walls and floors, achieving a seamless integration with the surroundings. The bespoke covers not only enhanced the aesthetics of the space but also added to the overall functionality and efficiency of the Air Conditioning systems.


Efficiency and Timely Delivery

Despite the project’s complexity and the listed building’s stringent regulations, Centrum Contracts executed the entire installation with utmost efficiency. The team worked diligently to meet the demanding three-week turnaround time, ensuring minimal disruption to Hilton Hotels’ operations. The timely delivery of the project showcased Centrum Contracts’ commitment to professionalism, allowing the hotel to benefit from its new and upgraded Air Conditioning system promptly.