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    Hilton Hotels

Project Overview

Centrum Contracts successfully executed a large-scale car park resurfacing project at Hilton Watford. Covering an extensive area of approximately 10,000m2, the objective was to rejuvenate the existing car park surface to ensure enhanced durability, safety, and aesthetics. The team expertly planned and executed the project, which involved planing off the existing surface to the required depth and laying a high-quality SMA10 surface course in compliance with EN13108-4 standards. Additionally, line markings were meticulously applied based on the customer’s specific requirements, resulting in a fully revitalized and user-friendly car park facility.


Enhancing Durability and Safety

The existing car park surface at Hilton Watford demanded attention to improve its longevity and safety for patrons and vehicles. Centrum Contracts’ team of experts carefully analyzed the condition of the surface and determined that planing off approximately 40mm of the existing surface was necessary to achieve the desired results. Areas with deeper wear were given special attention to ensure a level and even surface for optimal safety and usability.


Premium Surface Course Application

To guarantee the car park’s long-lasting performance, Centrum Contracts employed a high-quality SMA10 surface course, adhering to EN13108-4 standards. SMA10 (Stone Mastic Asphalt) is known for its exceptional durability, resistance to wear and tear, and ability to withstand heavy loads. The team meticulously laid the 40mm surface course, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish across the expansive area. This surface choice not only improved the car park’s aesthetics but also provided enhanced durability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.


Precision Line Markings as per Customer’s Requests

Centrum Contracts paid close attention to detail, taking into account the customer’s specific requirements for line markings in the car park. Once the resurfacing works were completed, the team diligently applied the line markings to meet the client’s specifications. The precision and accuracy in line marking ensured the car park facilitated smooth traffic flow, designated parking spaces, and clear navigation for visitors, enhancing the overall user experience.


Project Completion and Customer Satisfaction

The completion of the large car park resurfacing project at Hilton Watford was met with resounding success and satisfaction. Centrum Contracts’ dedication to quality craftsmanship, adherence to industry standards, and focus on customer-centric solutions earned high praise from the client. The revitalized car park now boasts improved durability, safety, and aesthetics, offering a welcoming and well-maintained space for Hilton Watford’s guests and visitors.