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    Merry Hill Shopping Centre

Project Overview

Centrum Contracts successfully executed a comprehensive toilet refurbishment project at Merry Hill Shopping Centre. The client’s primary objective was to revamp the existing toilets by replacing outdated orange glass and mirrors with a new, contemporary solution. The team designed and manufactured a cutting-edge 6mm corian panel, skillfully affixed to ply batons to achieve an elegant and modern finish. The final result not only elevated the aesthetics of the facilities but also provided the client with a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean solution.


Elevating Aesthetics with Modern Design

The existing orange glass and mirrors in the Merry Hill Shopping Centre toilets no longer matched the contemporary vision the client sought. Centrum Contracts meticulously planned and executed a design overhaul that would infuse the facilities with a fresh, modern ambiance. A key element of the transformation was the use of 6mm corian panels, renowned for their sleek appearance and durability. The team skillfully designed the layout and integrated the corian panels seamlessly into the existing space.

Custom Craftsmanship and Precision Installation

Centrum Contracts’ dedication to craftsmanship and precision was evident in the design and manufacturing of the new corian panels. The team meticulously crafted each panel to exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and finish. The panels were affixed onto ply batons, meticulously aligned and installed to achieve a cohesive and polished look. The result was a transformation that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, elevating the ambiance of the toilet facilities significantly.


Practicality Meets Aesthetics

Beyond enhancing the aesthetics, the use of corian panels offered practical benefits as well. The smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain, catering to the high-traffic nature of Merry Hill Shopping Centre. The low-maintenance features of the corian panels brought immense satisfaction to the client, making daily operations more efficient and ensuring the facilities maintain their pristine appearance over time.


Client Satisfaction and Delight

The completion of the toilet refurbishment at Merry Hill Shopping Centre left the client over the moon. Centrum Contracts’ ability to seamlessly integrate modern design elements with practicality met and exceeded the client’s vision for the project. The refined and contemporary toilet facilities now offer visitors a pleasant and comfortable experience, enhancing the overall shopping center’s appeal.